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Wise Words Media provides consulting services that integrate into your existing digital and/or marketing strategies. 

Award Winning Video Content Strategies

2024 Media Production Company of the Year – Australia. Corporate LiveWire Global Awards, United Kingdom. We deliver solutions for organic growth, reach, discoverability. Video content production, cross functional collaboration & distribution solutions.

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FAST Channels Media | new client focus from 1 Jan 2024

Tap into our global network for content distribution to more than 1.4 billion smart tv’s and devices worldwide:

  • FAST CHANNELS, OTT sector, OTT distribution strategies
  • for digital content and marketing professionals, digital agencies, SME’s, tertiary institutions, sports media professionals, content professionals and wider stakeholders within their industry eco-systems

Wise Words Media‘s strategic partnerships with OTT platforms and industry stakeholders is global and diverse…

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Best Strategic Concepts And #Live Broadcast Content

Now Is The Time. What Is Your Strategy? There’s never been a better time to approach consumers and audience’s around the globe. Content consumption habits have changed drastically.  Conceived to deliver access to 1.4 Billion Smart TVs & devices across the globe, Wise Words Media is ideating and developing bold new content strategies in three interconnected areas…

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Award Winning Marketing Communications in plain English

2024 Marketing Communications Agency of the Year – Australia. Corporate LiveWire Global Awards, United Kingdom. Ensure your clients know or understand your brand and get a clear idea of what the brand has to offer.  For more than 20 years, Wise Words Media has provided professional services:

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Virtual Reality Content and R&D

Innovative R & D with industry partners into Virtual Reality content for international students vis-a-vis Orientation Week content for Australian universities international student recruitment.

Innovative Content Strategies Are Not Virtual – They’re Our Reality in R & D…

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Uniquely Expert Solutions

Wise Words Media amplifies your content to global audiences Unique solutions, strategic focus, #OTT content global distribution Ideating strategies conceived to deliver access to 1.4 Billion Smart TVs & devices across the globe.  Amplifying, curating video content distribution strategies for your business goals… 

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Success Stories

Content is crafted to not only captivate, but also to connect with audiences, engaging with them on a deeper level. 

Each project is a testament to Wise Words Media‘s ability to blend innovative strategy and creativity with market trends, ensuring that your content is relevant and impactful as well as measurable in terms of your marketing ROI and your business KPI’s…

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ott broadcast | content development and distribution pitch 

Brands and services launching their own FAST channels. 

Industry experts are beginning to observe “…a trend where brands are actively securing or producing content, strategically assembling FAST channels to directly introduce their product and advertisements to the market. 

This pioneering move has inspired numerous other brands to follow suit, resulting in a growing influx of innovative services entering the market with their own FAST channels.”

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livestreaming sports media [football]

Wise Words Media is quietly setting about reaching deeper into the sports media space with greater strategic purpose. Football Australia has officially announced the selection of eight foundation clubs for the inaugural National Second Tier (NST) competition, set to commence in March/April 2025.

Wise Words Media seeks commercial partners and commercial collaborators for an outdoor #livestream broadcast production.

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#livestreaming sports media [tennis]

2025 Australian Open – Wise Words Media seeks commercial partners and commercial collaborators for an outdoor #livestream broadcast production.

Wise Words Media’s creative and commercial intention is to produce content that is a facsimile, an amalgam, adaption and original interpretation of existing successful production models. All have proven and self-evident production value(s) and audience traction.

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We amplify curated #OTT/Youtube video content distribution strategies

Ideating strategies conceived to deliver your business, clients and stakeholders organic growth, reach, discoverability, value and ROI. Wise Words from Omdia, UK:

According to Omdia’s latest report forecasts, FAST channels are set to generate global revenue of $6.3bn in 2023. [1]

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LinkedIn | Social Media Publicity

Compelling content, supported by strategic marketing.

Our Approach To Content Ideation, Creation, Production. Wise Words Media believes in story-telling with a commercial outlook. So what? Let us translate your marketing catch-phrase and convert it into meaningful, practical audience engagement… 

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Communications Audit

under construction | Our Approach To Communications and Content | Wise Words Media strives to increase marketing ROI for your business by auditing your video content and digital assests. The objective: identify existing or achived video content and integrate new digital marketing channels into your existing marketing strategies…

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Project Management

under construction | Our Approach To Project Management and Content – Wise Words Media strives to improve marketing ROI for your business by rigorous project management of your video content production and distribution process. The objective is to identify and integrate new OTT partners and #fastchannels channels into your existing video content strategies…

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Wise Words Media also welcomes queries where your business needs to discuss assistance with…

…ideas and better business strategies, Business Growth, Latest Technology (around video content distribution and OTT sector), Marketing Analysis and / or Marketing Solutions.

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For collaborations, commercial partnerships or more information about our diverse projects and innovative industry R & D, Wise Words Media is just a mere message away. Contact us and / or connect with us. Lets explore how Wise Words Media can bring your vision to life and reach audiences around Australia and the globe.

Discover the power of strategic content amplification with Wise Words Media.  With over two decades in the digital content, creative and marketing communications industries, Wise Words Media does not just produce content – we elevate it to global heights.

Unique Selling Proposition / Value Proposition

Working with Wise Words Media you’re not just creating content – you’re creating impact. Wise Words Media‘s proven track record in amplifying content to targeted audiences and segments makes us your ideal partner in the dynamic digital and OTT landscapes.

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Award Winning Media Production & Marketing Communications

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Success Stories

Wise Words Media brings to life the vision of clients and commercial partners as well as creatives such as producers, directors and writers. Wise Words Media also offers professional services in content production (audio and video).


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