Wise Words Media weighs up the personal vs professional behind The Digital Experience of our collective digital footprints. One small step for Carol Brady. One giant digital footprint for mankind. The New York Times reported on the phenomenon of the rolling, nation-wide online search query for Carol Brady’s maiden name. Becoming the […]

Wise Words Media announces the launch of extensive coverage and commentary on a range of new topics. Forthcoming subjects include The Digital Experience and Sherlock | A World Unlocked – Mapping The Sherlock Holmes Canon. Coverage commences soon. Nominally this will be via LinkedIn posts with supplementary publishing at a […]

Ian Goldin asks if robotisation will prevent poorer countries taking the traditional route to prosperity. If you’re wondering about the future of work, your career prospects, advancements in AI and machine learning, although this fascinating 51 minutes from Oxford University’s Ian Goldin and BBC World Service is focused chiefly on Africa, the […]