Digital Knowledge | Exploration

Selected pages within this site were developed during studies for RMIT’s Master of Information Management (2019).

At 95%, the site design/content achieved a ‘High Distinction’.

Demonstrating exploration of Video.

Evidence | screen shots or embedding the technology


Level Crossing Removal – Blackburn | Project: WATERMAN – episode 1

Level Crossing Removal – Blackburn | Project: WATERMAN – episode 2 | day off

Level Crossing Removal – Blackburn | Project: WATERMAN – episode 4  | Trees

Level Crossing Removal – Blackburn | Project: WATERMAN – episode 5 | kiwi truckie day off


CONTENT CREATOR | ACMIx Creative Tech Accelersator (includes Leatherdaddy trailer

View: pword ‘ACMIxTECH’

  • Screen Shots | Wondershare



ACMIx Creative Tech Accelerator, Dec, 2017 | Case Study – Sean McIntyre, application to participate

Video component (5 mins max) uploaded and hosted on Vimeo via online application:

ACMI Xcel Accelerator | About

10-week immersive business coaching program. It includes significant one-to-one coaching and mentoring as well as structured training in order to help creative practitioners scale up quickly. At the conclusion of the Accelerator, participants were to pitch to investor networks at ACMI demo event. The successful pitch will go onto be showcased at ACMI.  The Accelerator ran February 19 – April 16 2018.

Who are ACMIx looking for?

Open to makers of creative technology and creative products that have a connection with the moving image, including:

  • Virtual reality
  • Augmented reality
  • Robotics
  • Digital media
  • Film
  • New media art
  • Wearable technology
  • Music technology
  • 3D printing
  • The Internet of things

READ MORE | ACMI Xcel Accelerator – application extract

Application for ACMIx Creative Tech Accelerator 2018 was not shortlisted for panel interview. Full copy of the application is available for review upon request.



Wondershare is subscription-based, user-pays software. Allows user to ‘harvest’ video content directly off YouTube and Vimeo – provided content is not password protected – into MP4 files. It can be edited freely using MS Moviemaker software.

I’ve used Wondershare to acquire footage from films I’ve produced or appeared in. I’ve edited same using MovieMaker pre-installed on my Toshiba laptop.  Content also acquired and repurposed for ACMIx Creative Tech showreel as well as professional showreels for acting. It’s also proved useful for leisure activities such as music video content downloaded, converted into DVD format for private home viewing.

Comment | Other Issues 


Privacy violations | Case study– Insecam[1] surveillance cameras, baby monitors

Unsuspecting Melburnians are being live streamed inside their own homes.

Popular brands of surveillance cameras and baby monitors available online via Insecam website are at risk, with homes and businesses fitted with the products being streamed and seen by strangers online world-wide.

Due to property and business owners failing change a default password on their devices, surveillance feeds gave found their way onto Insecam site.

Brands include: Axis, Panasonic, Linksys, Sony, TPlink, Foscam with Insecam dubbed the world’s biggest directory of online surveillance security cameras.  The features more than 16,800 camera feeds around the world.

Video platforms

Privacy enabling features are found on both YouTube and Vimeo. Any/all video content can be changed into ‘for private viewing only’.


The trailer for this creative project required password enabled, private viewing only due to:

  • Trailer – film soundtrack | edits
    • Trailer set to original music, permission not obtained by writer/director/co-producer for use
  • James Hewison | former CEO MIFF, Program Director ACMI
    • I arranged for a private viewing and review of trailer on-site at ACMIx
    • James was able to attend on-site meeting at ACMIx myself and writer/director/co-producer. After viewing he gave immediate feedback and suggestions on the trailer.


  • GENRE: Comedy, Coming of Age, Drama, Cult Film Audience
  • PITCH: 3 friendship groups of confused 20 year olds at a party throughout the course of one night. The house party that is, was or will be your 20’s.
  • Nicky Murphy(writer / director / producer) – new, emerging auteur in world cinema. Indie director / producer operating outside studio system. Strong, established career-minded vision.


Youtube has embedded software that can ‘police’ video content for rights violations. Your content can be instantly flagged upon uploading, especially if the user has implemented settings that allow for ad’s to screen as overlays on content while it screens and/or at pre-determined breaks.

If the video content achieves a significant number of views, your content may be flagged for action/removal to protect rights of original artists/creator.


  • Snippets of music from two original songs for spec webisodes intro/outro.  Flagged for possible copyright violations, yet remains live.


Wondershare is software that allows users to ‘harvest’ video content directly off the web – provided it is not password protected.  The content can be downloaded into MP4 files. It can be edited freely using MS Moviemaker software.

Difficult to ‘police’ your own video content IP.  At face value, Wondershare does not protect owners of original content from IP violations and / or theft.


Video is the Future | Case study –  Facebook

The New York Times quoted one advertising executive observing that video content is ‘among the most shared and commented upon content on the web’ [2].

Unsurprisingly, Facebook’s future ‘long-held video content ambitions lie in video’s and video ad’s’[3]. Zuboff, S., underlines Mark’s Zuckerberg’s clear vision around new rules for its news feed capacity: “news article or video prompting lots of discussion…live videos often lead to discussion among viewers…six times as many interactions as regular videos”[4].

Sadly this comment proved to be not just prophetic, but underestimated.   The recent tragedy in Christchurch New Zealand demonstrated uploading, viewing and sharing of video content has an apocalyptic capacity and power to escalate far beyond any ‘control’ Facebook and Youtube can (or can’t willingly) exercise.

The Australian government was quick to respond to the tragic event. To bolster security around online video content, it announced that legislation would be drafted and passed immediately.  New laws would jail any tech executive for a period of 3 years where extreme live, violent video content was uploaded to any platform for viewing. The UK government has also followed suit with a similar announcement.

No matter what governments legislate, Facebook already claims it can’t act to control or guarantee removal of such video content.



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