Best Strategic Concepts And #Live Broadcast Content

There’s never been a better time

to approach consumers and audience’s around the globe. 

Now Is The Time. What Is Your Strategy?

Conceived to deliver access to 1.4 Billion Smart TVs & devices across the globe, Wise Words Media is ideating and developing bold new content strategies in three interconnected areas:

Unique solutions, strategic focus, #OTT content global distribution

Wise Words Media will work closely with your project team to create and deliver video content production and distribution strategies for your business goals. Integrated to drive and increase marketing ROI, Wise Words Media will develop content strategies that amplify your message, tell your story and engage your target audiences.

Organic growth, reach, discoverability to 1.4 Billion Smart TVs & devices across the globe

What’s Next?

Contact Wise Words Media to discuss your project brief.

Amplify content and communications via #fastchannels and #ottplatforms for global distribution to consumption by targeted audiences, segments and industry stakeholders.

Technology and digital communication offers new ways for businesses, digital and marketing professionals, content producers and content creative’s to distribute and measure content produced for consumers and audience’s around the globe. 

Digital disruption is a normal part of business and life.

Content consumption habits have changed drastically.  Consumers and audience’s around the globe are still hungering for fresh, unique content with market-tested cred presented by trusted, well-known brands that have commercial traction and deep industry-credibility.  

Like we said. There’s never been a better time.

OTT broadcast | content development and distribution pitch

Compelling Content | Soft and Subtle Selling

Brands and services are launching their own FAST channels

Brands are actively securing or producing content, strategically assembling FAST channels to directly introduce their product and advertisements to the market. 

Compelling Content | Strategic Marketing

Wise Words Media has mapped out several likely production model shot ‘doco-style’ for sectors such as Hospitality (coffee), Tourism (B & B) and Sustainability (Electric Vehicles – Landrover restoration).


#livestreaming for business growth

Marketers and businesses around the globe are investing more of their budget into video streaming services

They provide an increasingly popular and effective way of reaching modern viewers.

Streaming video is gradually overtaking broadcast TV as the media of choice for many viewers, and for good reason.

It’s convenient and offers much higher levels of interaction and engagement than TV or the theater. 


#livestreaming sports media | strategy

Wise Words Media is developing production concepts for commercial placement to promote wider coverage of more niche sports.

Broadcasters, marketers and advertisers are beginning to embrace streaming – it’s a good medium for commercial placement and can promote wider coverage of more niche sports.

FAST FACTS | USD184.3 billion – the eye-watering figures that the live streaming industry is expected to be valued at by 2027 | Grand View Research


We amplify your content to global audiences

Crafting unique, bespoke distribution strategies, Wise Words Media can help your business reach more audiences to engage with more consumers across new digital content frontiers. 

FAST Channels Media

New client focus from 1 Jan 2024

Tap into our global network for content distribution to more than 1.4 billion smart tv’s and devices worldwide:

  • FAST CHANNELS, OTT sector, OTT distribution strategies
  • for digital content and marketing professionals, digital agencies, SME’s, tertiary institutions, sports media professionals, content professionals and wider stakeholders within their industry eco-systems


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