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CALLUMNY FILMS | storytellers with a commercial outlook | our stories are: authentic, engaging, unique, relatable, sustainable. Overall, approx 24 titles in the slate are listed as ‘Projects in Development’ on IMDBpRO. To development producers, sales agents, distributors and producers engaged by our stories, we welcome expressions of interest.

Pitch documents detail intended audience markets & suggested funding sources with consideration given to suggested ongoing, sustainable income streams.

Production Objective

Callumny Films’ express explicit goal and established, competitive advantage is to pursue stories via international co-productions on a global scale, both in the telling and in production.

The human experience is the key driver of this outlook. Seeking international co-production partners shooting Melbourne, Australia and overseas.

As a business-model and competitive advantage, Callumny Films pursues international co-productions using free trade and other international agreements.

Wise Words Media and Callumny Films has a profile full of digital assets showcased in Cinando. Media kit also available if you require further info. In addiition – Also:

Sacrifice (2016)

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George KALPA (Inaway Productions), Gene KALPA (Inaway Productions), Sean MCINTYRE (Callumny Films)

TAGLINE: Ask not what art can do for you. Ask them what they’re willing to do for their art.

Like flies on a wall, we join ALITHIA watching as they arrive to play at prominent inner city venue in Melbourne, Australia. At face value TIBOR, JONNIE, JEFF, DANNY and VAL are good mates – seasoned professionals who go about the business of set-up and sound-check with a minimum of fuss.

Leatherdaddy (2019)

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Sean MCINTYRE (Callumny Films), Nicky MURPHY (Rare Amazing)

TAGLINE: You’re invited to the party. The house party that is, was or will be your 20’s.

PLOT OUTLINE: An American exchange student who has pressing obligations with the immigration department finds herself trapped at a house party in Paris which she cannot leave.

SMELLS LIKE: Clerks meets Dazed and Confused meets Snatch

WHOSE EYEBALLS: teenagers, males and females aged 15 to 35

THEMES: Fashion & trends, Post coming-of-age, life transitions: coming of age/self acceptance from adulthood to maturity, pros and cons of partying, The line between socialising and judging.

In this twisted, bilingual coming-of-age tale, various stories of youthful affection collide at a promiscuous Parisian house party of nonchalant 20-somethings.

Leatherdaddy is a micro-budget indie film in English & French inspired by Aussie classic ‘Wake in Fright’ as well as Kevin Smith’s ‘Clerks’ and Richard Linklater’s ‘Dazed and Confused’.