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1.4 billion smart TV’s world-wide

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consulting | Wise Words from Omdia, UK

According to Omdia’s latest report forecasts, FAST channels are set to generate global revenue of $6.3bn in 2023. [1]

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OTT Business Devt & Relationship building | OTT platforms

  • Amagi [Sydney] (Australia),, Cincopa (Canada), Stream Go Media [New York], Endeavour Streaming, Tinuiti, Parks Associates, IRIS.TV, StreamTV, Binge TV (USA), Red Holt (Dubai), Kaltura (Israel), Video Elephant (Ireland), (Singapore), The Streaming Lab, ZEE5 (India), (Malaysia), MEDIAGENIX (Belgium)
  • 2023 OTT Executive Summit Florida USA, Asia TV Forums

Wise Words Media | About Us

  • 4 Dec 2023 | Wise Words Media – Professional Services Summary
    • to be updated | new focus on OTT sector – Consultancy services
    • new client focus | FAST CHANNELS, OTT, OTT strategy for marketing
      professionals, digital agencies, SME’s, tertiary institutions and wider
      stakeholders within their industry eco-systems

SERVICES | #OTT/Youtube – Strategy

Ideating strategies conceived to deliver your business, clients and stakeholders value, ROI, organic growth, reach, discoverability. Amplifying, curating video content distribution strategies – Youtube / OTT markets / platforms (FAST channels, VOD, SVOD, AOD, AVOD).

Ad-supported streaming services are now the fastest-growing business model in streaming; 31% of US Internet households reported watching an ad-supported AVOD or FAST service in the past month, compared to just 18% in 2018. 41M US broadband households are projected to watch ad-based OTT video services in 2023.

SOURCE: 2023 Parks Associates. All Rights Reserved.

maximize organic channel growth, reach, discoverability

Delivering access to 1.4 Billion Smart TVs & devices across the globe

‘Cut thru’ for Wise Words Media achieved in the Gen Z video content space

Gen Z – BREAKING NEWS | Wise Words Media is achieving significant ‘cut thru’ in the Gen Z video content space. Which is why we’re attracting interest from global distributors and stakeholders in the OTT sector.

Average View Duration for our global Gen Z audience is already a staggering 1 min 10 secs. Quite the accomplishment. According to our sources, 8 seconds is the average Gen Z content attention span[1].

How do we do it? Launched in Feb 2022, Wise Words Media’s Gen Z audience engagment with our international student education video content is accelerating. The content is timely, topical and uniquely targeted[2].

FAST FACTS – video content | Did you know the #OTTsector offers direct access to 1.4 Billion Smart TVs across the globe? …and that’s not includingl iPads & iPhones[3].

Imagine your brand and/or content on just 1% of those 1.4 Billion Smart TVs across Australia, the ANZPAC region or even world-wide…

Drop us a line at – everything starts with a conversation.

[1] Omdia, part of Informa Tech, is a technology research and advisory group.


On the quiet evolution of streaming habits of AFL supporters here in Melbourne, Australia:

Tigers fan Kevin Passmore used to go to every Richmond home game but he’s among those now choosing to watch games from their living rooms.

SOURCE:Kayo’d: cheap streaming, complex ticketing keeps fans away from the footy‘: Jake Niall and Jon Pierik , The Age, May 17, 2021

“UK broadcasters are finding success in catch-up TV as almost half of consumers (49%) watch both SVoD and catch-up services.

Will broadcasters from the big 5 European markets learn from the UK’s catch-up success?”

SOURCE: and ‘Competing with the SVoD giants: UK broadcasters find catch-up success’, Annabel Yeomans,  Ampere Analysis  Ltd, Apr 4, 2021

“19% of UK consumers are spending the equivalent of 2 working days per week streaming content despite an increasing reluctance to pay for services.”

Viewers’ appetite for advertising is growing in line with their hunger for content. Could AVOD be the new way forward?

SOURCE: Research: Brits streaming 2 working days a week‘, 

As the amount of content multiplies exponentially for viewers, in both what and where they can watch, video services and content distributors have an even more pressing need to manage the evolving global content licensing business.

In a few clicks, viewers have more video choice than ever before, and the precise location of the viewer has serious implications. Where previously geo-gating might have been enough, now customers have many more locations and methods to view content. Buying or renting? Mobile, desktop, or connected TV? Streaming or downloadable? SD or HD? AVOD, TVOD, or SVOD? Are there content blackout rights? Subtitles or dubbed? Was a promotional offer used?”

SOURCE:Content Licensing Gets Complicated: Who’s Minding the Store?’, Nadine Krefetz, Contributing Editor, Streaming Media June 18, 2018

Specialising in content, film and theatre, Wise Words Media is currently a creative arts production house. 

Consulting, content licensing and distribution queries welcome.

About Callumny Films | SHOWREEL

storytelling – with a commercial outlook

Wise Words Media and Callumny Films seek global distribution partners in the OTT, VOD, SVOD and AOD online content marketplace spaces.

Since 2015, Callumny Films has set it’s competitive advantage towards international co-production with  international creatives as collaborators / production partners.

Our stories are: authentic, engaging, unique, relatable, sustainable.

The AFM Sessions

Stay up to date with observations and discussions as The American Film Market and VARIETY bring the latest from industry experts.

Global Sales and VOD

presented in partnership with The Film Collaborative

Industry experts discuss current strategies and trends for global film sales and VOD distribution. Get insight into the varying business models, the state of the marketplace, “all rights” versus direct VOD platform deals, and expectations for 2021 and beyond.

Wendy Bernfeld, Founder/CEO, Rights Stuff
Gabrielle Rozing, General Manager, Fortissimo Films
Todd Olsson, President of International, Highland Film Group
Brian O’Shea, CEO, The Exchange

Orly Ravid, Founder & Co-Executive Director, The Film Collaborative and Attorney, Mitchell Silberberg & Knupp LLP (MSK)

Deciphering Streaming Models & The Path to VOD Distribution

With the global VOD space continuing to evolve, these distribution experts provide current insights into the marketplace and platforms so you can better navigate both the streaming opportunities and challenges for independent content.

Audrey Delaney, SVP, Distribution & Worldwide Marketing, Blue Fox Entertainment
Linda Nelson, CEO, Indie Rights
Lise Romanoff, CEO & Managing Director, Vision Films
James Schamus, CEO, Symbolic Exchange

Bruce Eisen, President, Digital Advisors

Blockchain Streaming Platforms

presented in partnership with the Blockchain Global Entertainment Alliance

Blockchain innovators discuss the growth and future of digital distribution platforms and the blockchain solutions that will be available to producers and filmmakers.

Patrice Poujol, Founder & CEO, Lumiere Project

Jake Craven, VP, Content Partnerships, Breaker
Adrian J. Garelik, CEO, Flixxo
Serban Simu, President & Co-Founder, Eluvio

Trinabh Gupta, Assistant Professor, University of California Santa Barbara 

Movie Marketing for Producers & Filmmakers

Successful filmmakers and producers have a deep understanding of marketing. Learn the fundamentals and how to effectively collaborate with marketing professionals at every stage of your movie’s journey to the audience.

Richard Baker, President, Silk Factory


Entertainment Executives on How Independent Film Studios are Navigating Streaming Service Distribution

In the Variety & IndieWire Streaming Room presented by Vuulr, entertainment executives from Neon, IFC, Pops, Vuulr and Struum joined IndieWire executive editor Eric Kohn to discuss how the pandemic has shifted the industry, why audiences are moving to digital viewing and how companies are adapting to that change.

Panelists included Elissa Federoff, the president of distribution for Neon; Arianna Bocco, president of IFC films; Marissa Hanafi, head of OTT for Pops; Thomas Hughes, CEO for Americas of Vuulr; and Lauren DeVillier, co-founder and CEO of Struum.

Trend In TV: Content is On The Move
With 2021 already halfway through, here are a few noticeable trends as TV executives gear up for a return to Cannes

Covid-19 continues to be a serious public health threat around the world. But with the vaccination drive in full swing, there has been some return to normality in the global content business. With 2021 already halfway through, here are a few noticeable trends as TV executives gear up for a return to Cannes.

The State of Independent Film in the Streaming Era
FRIDAY, 21 MAY 2021 9:30AM


“The State of Independent Film in the Streaming  Era” panel will take a look at how studios, producers and their partners are pivoting to new development, sales and distribution strategies to advance independent filmmaking in a fast-evolving entertainment landscape.  

Panelists include Elissa Federoff, President Distribution, NEON; Arianna Bocco, President, IFC Films; Marissa Hanafi, Head of OTT, POPS; Thomas Hughes, CEO of The Americas, Vuulr and Lauren DeVillier, Co-Founder and CEO, Struum. Moderated by IndieWire’s Executive Editor, Eric Kohn.

Registration is free but required for access.

Why Netflix’s Next Growth Phase isn’t all About Subscriber Numbers

Netflix’s latest quarterly results underlined that the world’s biggest streamer is all but done growing in North America. But there’s another narrative at play…

On the face of it, losing 430,000 subscribers in a single region over three months might seem to be a rather big deal for a streaming company. If, however, you have 209 million subscribers worldwide, that drop-off suddenly looks rather less worrisome.

Netflix’s Q2 results were, in many cases, fairly unremarkable. The Too Hot To Handle streamer lost ground in North America, where that 430,000 decline wiped out gains made at the start of the year, but elsewhere in the world there was steady, plodding growth.

Revenue was up – largely because marketing and content spend were down – and more than 1.5 million net subscribers joined the streamer worldwide, with Asia Pacific adding one million new customers alone. These numbers hardly deserved headline trumpeting, but the overall subs growth was still up on analyst predictions. And, worth remembering, that the second quarter of the year has always tended to be slow for new customer additions.

That trend didn’t stop HBO Max and its linear service from posting fine Q2 results later in the week, of course, but while the focus of attention was on North American subscriber bleed at Netflix, there is now a new narrative emerging around the streamer’s strategy in the region.

The Contract: PROJECT Waterman

a mockumentary series

Monday 3rd May 2021
Series is getting a make-over with 4 new episodes, new branding ahead of being made available for content licensing & distribution sales:, BingeTV and others.

More new episodes, more WATERMAN: Callumny Films TV ( youtube 2021). Final test – spec episode to be made public.

It specifically references an original script by SEAN McINTYRE – The Contract – which had its public debut at A Fistful of Scripts, a script reading series, in April, 2011 (Theatre Works, St Kilda Melbourne Australia).

Essentially, The Contract: PROJECT Waterman is a ‘spin-off’ of The Contract

A Fistful of Scripts is an innovative script development incubator produced by Wise Words Media in association with Callumny Films.