A selected summary and extracts of media coverage in recent years around the topic of local shopping strips in Melbourne, Australia – in no particular order: Contribute your thoughts/feedback in our exclusive poll (via LinkedIn – expires Tues 31 Oct 2023) Melbourne’s shopping strips bounce back after pandemic | READ […]

Wise Words Media | #OTT content ‘this life‘ series | ‘we tell stories – our story is…this life’ | #destinationmarketing Wise Words Media has just wrapped production on #usopen2023 – we achieved exceptional audience growth – both viewing & listening figures – for our #OTT / #fastchannels series: #thisaustralianopenlife. Coverage […]

Wise Words Media Brings to life the vision of creatives such as writers, directors and producers as well as clients. Wise Words Media also offers professional services in content production (audio and video). Wise Words Media is the ‘umbrella brand’ for Callumny Films, A Fistful of Scripts, #Project: Waterman #webseries and […]

Wise Words Media Wise Words Media is the ‘umbrella brand’ for Callumny Films, A Fistful of Scripts, #Project: Waterman #webseries and other creative projects (including podcasts).  FAST Channels Media is a new corporate vehicle through which Wise Words Media will enter to #OTT video content distribution space.   our outlook […]

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