Gen Z – BREAKING NEWS | Wise Words Media is achieving significant ‘cut thru’ in the Gen Z video content space. Which is why we’re attracting interest from global distributors and stakeholders in the OTT sector. Average View Duration for our global Gen Z audience is already a staggering 1 min […]

Consulting, content licensing and distribution queries welcome. 11 May, 2021 | MELBOURNE, VICTORIA Producers and creators of digital & audio content, Wise Words Media and Callumny Films announce launch and production of ‘this life’ series – a new CoVid-19 safe, digital offering: this walking life this public transport life this […]

‘this walking life‘ – produced by Wise Words Media and Callumny Films We’re committed to producing content for walkers supporting delivery of healthier, cleaner and safer transport systems – across Australia, New Zealand and worldwide. NEW!  2021 Melbourne International Comedy Festival  Exploring Melbourne’s famous – and sometimes hidden – laneways Explore […]

Wise Words Media and Callumny Films announce online release of Australian International Student Education video content series for overseas audiences Produced by Wise Words Media and Callumny Films a new, unique Australian International Student Education video content series is now available online for overseas audiences at ‘this walking life’. A new, unique Australian International Student […]

CoVid-19 Is The Anti-Social Disease | Why is Wise Words Media well placed and CoVid-19 content friendly? In case you missed it, to haul the nation’s economy out of its first recession in 30 years, Australia’s Federal government is placing bets on the digital economy, digital infrastructure and nation-building infrastructure projects […]