Sports Media Evolution: Keeping Fans Engaged, Streaming Habits, LiveLike & Endeavor Streaming

Keeping sports fans engaged – the evolution is ongoing. CoVid turbo-charged the streaming experience, responding to how viewers engage with their favourite sports. Here’s Wise Words Media’s take on streaming habits of Aussie Rules footy supporters, “aggregation” of services, LiveLike and Endeavor Streaming. It’s #sportsmedia#OTT and the whole nine yards…

Sports fans! Pay attention, please…

Wise Words Media has won the toss – we’re sending you in on a cracking pitch. We all know AFL Premiership’s are won in the 3rd quarter. It’s top of the ninth inning, you’re serving for the match in the toughest, most competitve five-setter we’ve seen yet throughout the #ott landscape…

Industry activity behind-the-scenes in the sports media space gives every indication theres a quiet streaming revolution still taking place. Sports media keeps grabbing our attention lately. So much so that Wise Words Media is officially announcing a move into the sports media [football] space.

Wise Words Media is seeing and tracking a lot of interesting developments around OTT platforms in sports media, fan engagement and live sport. Even “aggregation” of services and rights is getting attention in mainstream media coverage.

As CoVid struck the world and hit hard, locked-down consumers were already leaning into the ‘new trend’ of binge watching their favourite TV shows.

As bad as it was, did CoVid change the game for streaming, content and live sports? Or just merely accelerate those game-changing developments and how they were adopted into viewing habits?


Media Release | More Sports Media A Good Fit for Wise Words Media & Football Australia’s quest for National Second Tier

For immediate release | Melbourne, Australia 21 November 2023

Monday 20 November 2023 marked a significant milestone in the Australian football eco-system. So too it marks an opportunity for growth and evolution of Wise Words Media’s business model. Wise Words Media is quietly setting about reaching deeper into the sports media space with greater strategic purpose.

Football Australia has officially announced the selection of eight foundation clubs for the inaugural National Second Tier (NST) competition, set to commence in March/April 2025.

Almost simultaneously, Wise Words Media announces the launch of ‘this football life’ – the latest addition to Wise Words Media’s innovative ‘this life’ #OTT content series

Wise Words Media also represents and possibly even personifies the type of sports media consumer and audience that football is trying to attract on a sustainable basis: Wise Words Media inherently brings a truly fresh ‘inside view as the industry outsider’.

Excitement level: OFF THE CHARTS!


Euroleague Basketball | live streaming watch-along show

Excitement level: OFF THE CHARTS!

Endeavor Streaming and LiveLike just dropped a game-changing collab for EuroLeague TV!

As of December 2023, LiveLike‘s partnership first activation is LIVE – introducing an interactive experience to The Players’ View, the live streaming watch-along show that revolutionized how fans experience European basketball.

Together with Endeavor StreamingLiveLike is bringing fans closer to the action than ever before with the ability to interact with commentators through polls, quizzes, cheer meters, and more. Check it out:

“Aggregation” of services and rights is set to be the dominant trend

SMART TV’s | services and rights

An article published in Melbourne’s ‘The Age’ also caught Wise Words Media‘s attention recently:

Could there finally be an answer to sport’s big broadcasting problem?

Streaming has fragmented and transformed the once simple pastime of watching sport. Now the race is on to glue it back together.

“Aggregation” of services and rights is set to be the dominant trend in coming years, on smart TVs and in boardrooms of sporting organisations sympathetic to their keenest supporters.


More insights from Matt Starker (Endeavor Streaming, USA) & Broadcast Sport.

                         predictive analytics | platforms enabled to proactively keep fans engaged

As sports teams launch their own direct-to-consumer offerings, the challenge shifts to maintaining year-round engagement. Matt Starker, Chief Business Officer, explains in a recent Broadcast Sport article how machine learning (ML) predictive analytics is revolutionizing the game by predicting churn and enabling platforms to proactively keep fans engaged.Check out the full article here:

Streaming Habits of AFL Supporters | Melbourne, Australia

On the quiet evolution of streaming habits of AFL supporters:

Tigers fan Kevin Passmore used to go to every Richmond home game but he’s among those now choosing to watch games from their living rooms.

“UK broadcasters are finding success in catch-up TV as almost half of consumers (49%) watch both SVoD and catch-up services.

Will broadcasters from the big 5 European markets learn from the UK’s catch-up success?”

“19% of UK consumers are spending the equivalent of 2 working days per week streaming content despite an increasing reluctance to pay for services.”

there’s quiet evolution in the streaming habits of AFL supporters

Viewers’ appetite for advertising is growing in line with their hunger for content. Could AVOD be the new way forward?

As the amount of content multiplies exponentially for viewers, in both what and where they can watch, video services and content distributors have an even more pressing need to manage the  evolving global content licensing business.

In a few clicks, viewers have more video choice than ever before, and the precise location of the viewer has serious implications. Where previously geo-gating might have been enough, now customers have many more locations and methods to view content. Buying or renting? Mobile, desktop, or connected TV? Streaming or downloadable? SD or HD? AVOD, TVOD, or SVOD? Are there content blackout rights? Subtitles or dubbed? Was a promotional offer used?”

                          Customers have many more locations and methods to view content

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