Wise Words Media Seeking Commercial Office Space to Lease

Based in Melbourne Australia, Wise Words Media is on the move – almost.

Melbourne’s commercial property sector is going through a boom and bust simultaneously. Construction works compete to distract us all from ever increasing empty retail spaces all over Melbourne’s CBD and shopping strips. Parallel to this is a quiet explosion in the co-working sector, not to mention serviced offices.

Although Wise Words Media is actively investigating and researching available locales on offer, we figured why not put the call out to our stakeholders, clients and wider professional network.  Wise Words Media is also open to working out of existing offices where you may have an empty desk that could be earning income for your business.

Wise Words Media is also open to discussing ‘in kind’ arrangements for any SME’s that might be interested in having an in-house marketing communications professional and / or content strategy consultant on hand.

Check out our requirements below – everything starts with a converation. Start one with Wise Words Media, contact us at consulting@wisewords.com.au. Suggestions and/or other ideas and feedback also welcome.

Wise Words Media | About Us

  • 4 Dec 2023 | Wise Words Media – Professional Services Summary
    • to be updated | new focus on OTT sector – Consultancy services
    • new client focus | FAST CHANNELS, OTT, OTT strategy for marketing
      professionals, digital agencies, SME’s, tertiary institutions and wider
      stakeholders within their industry eco-systems

requirements | Seeking Commercial Office Space to lease

wise words media, melbourne australia

Our office space requirements:

  • 10sqm to 25sqm, 1 person only
  • monthly, 3, 6 or 12 month lease options available (yes/no)
  • figure that’s inclusive of outgoings and GST 
  • bond required (yes / no)
  • weekday access only (8am to 6pm)
  • security pass entry, wi-fi (preferably broadband), lockable storage cabinet 
  • any other factors required or on offer (eg hot desk options)
  • ‘Bells & Whistles’ options? eg podcast and/or production studio faclities
  • Meeting rooms not required – will be using CBD locations for all meetings (zoom calls from desk)

Since 2004, Wise Words Media has operated on a sole trader on ABN basis. Wise Words Media has many years of experience in co-working spaces (ACMIx [2017], Bizhub (Eastland, Ringwood [2016]) as well as a shared office space in Fairfield. 

Although Wise Words Media currently works from home. It’s an unprofessional environment due to noise and behaviour of neighbours, not to mention untold interuptions from delivery riders and drivers for Australia Post and Uber Eats – as well as the odd gardener.

Thanks for considering our query – it’s not time critical.  If you require any further information, please do not hesitate to contact Wise Words Media at any time: consulting@wisewords.com.au.

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