23 things for digital knowledge


In response to our clients brief,  Wise Words Media presents a list create expressly for this purpose: 23 things for digital knowledge.

A summary of the content within this website is presented in a customised video introduction by Sean McIntyre, Wise Words Media.

Note: Client brief specifically required a list of 23 Things for Digital Knowledge only. Therefore the items listed below do not carry descriptions.

23 Things for Digital Knowledge | Introduction

Thing 1: Introduction
Thing 2: Blogging
Thing 3: Digital Footprint
Thing 4: Digital Security
Thing 5: Diversity
Thing 6: Accessibility
Thing 7: Twitter
Thing 8: Facebook
Thing 9: Google hangouts/Collaborate Ultra
Thing 10: Wikimedia
Thing 11: Copyright
Thing 12: Open Educational Resources
Thing 13: Video | (YouTube/Vimeo/MediaHopper)
Thing 14: Audio (Podcasts/SoundCloud)
Thing 15: Digital Curation
Thing 16: OneNote/ClassNotebook
Thing 17: Geolocation Tools
Thing 18: Augmented & Virtual Reality
Thing 19: Altmetrics
Thing 20: Professional Social Platforms
Thing 21: Online Games & Learning Tools
Thing 23: Reflection