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What do you want to achieve?

Selected pages within this site were developed during studies for RMIT’s Master of Information Management (2019).

At 95%, the site design/content achieved a ‘High Distinction’.

Digital Knowledge | selected as a key digital area for exploration in response to client brief

Learning goals:

  • Practical
    • Create a Podcast channel that publishes:
      • ‘A Fistful of Scripts v2.audio ‘
        • Target Market Summary by segment
        • Audio trailers x 5
        • Publicity material
    • Explore potential to use Podcast platform as professional tool sharing learning experience to:
      • contribute to the information sector
      • self-development and lifelong learning
      • integrate content into LinkedIn professional profile
    • Professional Development (self – funded)
      • Content creation and knowledge acquired from (yet to create same in professional context):
        • 2014 | Above All Human | conference for digital startup founders, designers and innovators
        • 2014 | Storyology (digital storytelling media profls), Sydney | Media Entertainment & Arts Alliance
        • 2014 | Generation Next Online Video Conference, Docklands | Open Channel

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