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Video streaming services are the ideal choice for brands that want to target potential customers with laser precision.  They provide an increasingly popular and effective way of reaching modern viewers.

With 1.4 billion smart TV’s world-wide – not to mention mobile devices such as iPhones and iPads – it’s no wonder that Wise Words Media is designing creative digital content distribution strategies for video streaming services

With strategic marketing, if your business has compelling content Wise Words Media can help drive your message to your target audiences.

Marketers and businesses around the globe are investing more of their budget into video streaming services

Streaming video is gradually overtaking broadcast TV as the media of choice for many viewers, and for good reason. It’s convenient and offers much higher levels of interaction and engagement than TV or the theater. [1]

FAST FACTS | USD184.3 billion – the eye-watering figures that the live streaming industry is expected to be valued at by 2027

Grand View Research

There’s never been a better time to approach consumers and audience’s around the globe. Digital disruption is now a normal part of business and life. 

Now Is The Time. What Is Your Strategy?

Technology and digital communication offers new ways for  businesses, digital and marketing professionals, content producers and content creative’s to distribute and measure content produced for consumers and audience’s around the globe. 

Content consumption habits have changed drastically. House-bound during CoVid, audiences were once literally captive. 


Wise Words Media is developing bold new strategies for businesses competing for consumers and audiences within new digital content frontiers

Wise Words Media is a creative industries production house.

Drive more online exposure for your business to extract more ROI from your digital spend. If your business creates / generates video or podcast content, Wise Words Media can provide:

  • Consulting services that integrate into your existing digital strategies
  • Consulting and specialist services in strategy and content production (audio and video)

[1] 2023 50+ Streaming Statistics: Must-Know Industry Info EMILY SULLIVAN | FEB 27 2023 | OTT ADS

2023 Streaming Statistics: Must-Know Industry Info

Live Video Marketing Statistics

(Conviva) | Live content earns 27% more minutes of watch time per viewing, nearly 6 more minutes, at 24.41 minutes on average, for live video versus video on demand (slightly fewer than 18 minutes)

(CX Tech News) | China’s live-streaming industry has more than 425 million users (CX Tech News).

(Forrester) | Users watch live video 10 to 20 times longer than on-demand content, making live streaming a powerful way to deliver interactive content 

 (IAB) | 44% of live streaming video viewers said they watch less live TV as a result of live streaming

(State of Digital Publishing) | User-generated content accounts for 51% of live video content streamed on mobile

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Discover the power of strategic content amplification with Wise Words Media.  With over two decades in the digital content, creative and marketing communications industries, Wise Words Media does not just produce content – we elevate it to global heights.


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Working with Wise Words Media you’re not just creating content – you’re creating impact. Wise Words Media‘s proven track record in amplifying content to targeted audiences and segments makes us your ideal partner in the dynamic digital and OTT landscapes.

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