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With launch of new, highly innovative digital series ‘this life’, Wise Words Media and Callumny Films are making an impact statement on the undeniable economic importance of Australia’s digital and infrastructure sectors.

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  • #this life content series | variety of strategic themes | innovative content series
  • #thisfootballlife – launched 2024, key aims:
    • contribute to the sustainable growth of football by covering the beautiful game via the newly minted National Second Tier (NST)
    • advocating for and supporting coverage of young Australian football talent in the NST
    • 8 foundation clubs, inaugural National Second Tier (NST March/April 2025)

Aimed at key target sectors:  international student education, sports media [tennis] & [football], public transport infrastructure, commercial property, tourism/destination marketing.

At first glance these sectors appear extremely disparate, unrelated and disconnected.  The common thread running throughout is destination marketing.  Add to this cost-of-living crisis, immigration, population growth (or deficits depending on your outlook) etc; it’s easy to make the case each topic is inextricably linked where subtle nuances affect each jointly and severally – at macro and micro levels.

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As content creators of digital & audio content, Wise Words Media and Callumny Films announce launch of CoVid-19 safe, digital offerings:

Other content recently produced and published since Oct 2020:

Public transport first addressed in 2016 via unique mockumentary web-series ‘PROJECT: Waterman‘.

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