Online Event by A Fistful Of Scripts Callumny Films  Wise Words Media Wed Mar 1 2023 8:00 PM – 9:00 PM  Add to calendar Online Event link #webseries | production update ‘PROJECT: Waterman’ [season 1] 17 episodes | #webseries get the inside view from the industry outsider Now more than ever, Australia’s […]

Filmaker Insights | LIVECOMING SOON – Behind The Scenes JOIN WATERMAN – ‘straight from the heart’, no-holds-barred, cliche-free RETROSPECTIVE: 2023 Surrey Hills/Mont Albert Level Crossing Removal Project PRODUCTION – State of Current Works 2016 Blackburn Level Crossing Removal Project RETROSPECTIVE – Review of Previous Works [season 2] | now filming […]

THE CONTRACT: PROJECT: WATERMAN | ABOUT get the inside view from the industry outsider Australia’s future – now more than ever – needs public transport infrastructure MEDIA RELEASE – LinkedIn | The Contract: PROJECT Waterman [season 1] –Landmark Australian Achievement Released For International Audiences Melbourne, Australia – Monday 7th June […]

Consulting, content licensing and distribution queries welcome. 11 May, 2021 | MELBOURNE, VICTORIA Producers and creators of digital & audio content, Wise Words Media and Callumny Films announce launch and production of ‘this life’ series – a new CoVid-19 safe, digital offering: this walking life this public transport life this […]

The Contract: PROJECT Waterman episode list PG Documentary, Drama, Miscellaneous 180 Minutes When the safety of local kids in WATERMAN’s community is put at risk by train & public transport sector works around a local football oval, the infrastructure consultant must choose between his job and his own moral code. get the […]