Callumny Films and Wise Words Media Announce [season 2] of webseries ‘PROJECT Waterman’


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Australia’s future – now more than ever – needs public transport infrastructure

Wise Words Media and Callumny Films announce [season 2] of its innovative, mockumentary webseries The Contract: PROJECT Waterman.

To celebrate this incredible, milestone achievement, Wise Words Media and Callumny Films are thrilled to be releasing a raw edit of PROJECT WATERMAN: THE SHUTDOWN [season 2].

Now in post-production, the first trailer was released in April 2024 with [season 2] titled PROJECT WATERMAN: THE SHUTDOWN.

A second trailer is due to drop in May 2024.

get the inside view from the industry outsider


Nick Waterman, a Public Transport Infrastructure Consultant, returns. Forced to redeploy from his duties at overseeing Melbourne’s Metro Tunnel Project, WATERMAN is again onsite at a Level Crossing Removal Project in Melbourne’s Eastern Suburbs. This time it’s the complex occupied work-site: the Surrey Hills-Mont Albert Level Crossing Removal Project where a 1.3 kilometre trench is to be dug during a period of 4 months.

With a MAJOR CONSTRUCTION BLITZ SHUTDOWN imminent WATERMAN is extremely distracted – having heard devastating news about the health and sudden ,subsequent retirement of his CEO, Mentor and close friend.

Presenting live in Box Hill, WATERMAN soldiers on — succinctly summarising all manner of topics relevant to the project at hand: macro-economic, commericial property development, public transport infrastructure, population growth just to name a few.

WATERMAN takes you behind the scenes of the biggest ever public transport infrastructure projects undertaken in Melbourne, Australia.

Now more than ever, Australia’s future needs public transport infrastructure.


The Contract: PROJECT Waterman [season 1] enjoyed siginifcant success on the international festival circuit:

The Contract: PROJECT Waterman [season 1] 

MEDIA RELEASE – LinkedIn | Landmark Australian Achievement Released For International Audiences

Melbourne, Australia – Monday 7th June 2021

The Contract: PROJECT: Waterman [season 1] – mockumentary series.
Landmark Australian achievement released for international audiences by Wise Words Media and Callumny Films.

The Contract: PROJECT Waterman [season 1] | WATERMAN MUST CHOOSE: His Job Or His Own Moral Code?

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