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Storytelling with a commercial outlook.  Consulting and Production.        Collaborative partnerships. 

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our brands | established  Wise Words Media Sept 2003, A Fistful of Scripts Jul 2010, Callumny Films Aug 2013, the innovative podcast project A Fistful of Scripts v2.audio Sept 2016, A Fistful of Flicks Sept 2017, A Fistful of Scripts MEETS the filmmakers, featuring… (in development) Sept 2017 and  ‘this life’  series Oct 2020 (video content – #thisinternationalstudentlife | #thisaustralianopenlife #thispropertylife |  #thismetrotunnellife |  #thisgeneologylife | #thiswalkinglife).

Jimmy Flinders Productions – Lounge Theatre (partner, established Nov 2011)

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Brings to life the vision of creatives such as writers, directors and producers as well as clients. Wise Words Media also offers professional services in Content Production (audio and video). Our production vehicles are:

Callumny Films | Aug 2013

storytellers | with a commercial outlook

 welcome to this life | Oct 2020

 Entertain, Inform, Educate | video content from Melbourne, Australia – consistently rated worlds most liveable city

              A Fistful of Scripts | Jul 2010

             We write ‘em. They read ‘em. You hear ‘em.

              A Fistful of Scripts v2.audio | Sept 2016

             We write ’em. They record ’em. You listen to ’em.

podcast – aCast, googleplay, iTunes | production and distribution vehicle of audio content

              A Fistful of Flicks | Sept 2017

             You want ‘em. They make ‘em. We screen ‘em.

          A Fistful of Scripts MEETS the filmmakers featuring... | Sept 2017  in          development   

          We write ‘em. They make ‘em. You meet ‘em

Jimmy Flinders Productions – Lounge Theatre (partner, established Nov 2011)

  • Lounge Theatre – 2012 Melbourne Fringe Festival | The Butterfly Club, 3 star review The Age (Melbourne, Australia)

under (re)construction | 

content producer, communications / content specialist

Consulting, content licensing and distribution queries welcome.

brands | established  Wise Words Media Sept 2003, A Fistful of Scripts Jul 2010, Callumny Films Aug 2013, the innovative podcast project A Fistful of Scripts v2.audio Sept 2016, A Fistful of Flicks Sept 2017, A Fistful of Scripts MEETS the filmmakers, featuring… (in development) Sept 2017 and  ‘this life’  series Oct 2020 (video content – #thiswalkinglife | #thispublictransportlife | #thispropertylife | #thisgeneologylife).

Specialising in nostalgia content, the Retro Archives is in-development for a planned launch late 2022.

Jimmy Flinders Productions – Lounge Theatre (partner, established Nov 2011)

Demonstrated experience and specialised skills working across a variety of industries including tertiary, professional services, finance, legal, tourism and the arts.

Sean McIntyre also has experience within the higher education sector with under-graduate and post-graduate international and domestic students and as an international student himself.

Collaborative by nature, content producer Sean McIntyre brings to life the vision of clients as well as creatives such as writers, directors and producers.

An experienced film producer and screenwriter of world cinema. Sean McIntyre‘s Callumny Films represents scripts of various genres for international co-productions at international film markets written by himself and other screenwriters – such as American Film Market, USA.

Sean McIntyre has also produced and written plays which have been performed in Australia, Ireland and the United States. Selected for Melbourne Theatre Company’s prestigious 2015 NEON Festival, his new work ‘KIDS’ performed to a sold out audience.

Creative Industries professional

Sean McIntyre brings to life the vision of creatives such as producers, writers, directors as well as clients. He has extensive experience as an early emerging-career producer, writer, actor and collaborator:

Extensive experience | project and marketing communications

  • producing high quality, innovative content (text/video/audio), uploading same using various Content Management Systems (WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, Blogger, PR web), HTML coding and familiarity with design software (Indesign)
  • development and implementation of communications materials for large corporate organisations, SMEs and tertiary institutions
  • used to working in environments heavily characterised by change and uncertainty
  • particularly adept at integrating seamlessly into new sectors and their working environments 

Collaborative, strong customer service work ethos

  • collaborative by nature, Sean McIntyre’s strong customer service work-ethic and stakeholder skills were forged in retail banking
  • graduated Monash University, Bachelor of Business (Banking & Finance) (2003)
  • Later studied Creative Writing at Oxford University in 2010