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Callumny Films

Specialising in content, film and theatre, Wise Words Media is currently a creative arts production house.

Scripts and project pitch documents are available for your review. Overall, more than 13 titles in the slate are listed as ‘Projects in Development’ on IMDBpRO.

To development producers and producers engaged by our stories, we now welcome expressions of interest.

Where applicable, pitch documents for each script will also detail intended audience markets and suggested funding sources with consideration given to suggested ongoing, sustainable income streams.

Brings to life the vision of creatives such as writers, directors and producers as well as clients.

Wise Words Media | creative industries production house
ABN 60 363 406 503

our brands | Callumny Films, A Fistful of Scripts, Lounge Theatre and A Fistful of Scripts v2.audio,

Established Wise Words Media in 2003, A Fistful of Scripts in Jul 2010, Lounge Theatre in 2012, Callumny Films in 2014 and the innovative podcast project A Fistful of Scripts v2.audio in 2016.

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Callumny Films

  • storytellers | with a commercial outlook

A Fistful of Scripts

  • We write ‘em. They read ‘em. You hear ‘em.

A Fistful of Scripts v2.audio

  • We write ‘em. They record ‘em. You hear ‘em.

Lounge Theatre

  • Jimmy Flinders Productions | 50% owner