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Demonstrating exploration of Audio.

Evidence | screen shots or embedding the technology


  • A Fistful of Scripts  – TRAILERS | content in post-production
    • Trailers – Audio: KIDS
      • available for review on application:
    • Trailer – spec audio/montage: KIDS

A FISTFUL OF SCRIPTS | KIDS (or games before hometime)

‘love from Amy’ |



Project Brief – Podcast: product development | audio content

A Fistful of Scripts  (FFSv2) | about

  • MEDIA RELEASE | The KIDS Officially Launch A FISTFUL OF SCRIPTS for Wise Words Media
  • Developing online audio content for online audiences looking for diverse and differentiated audio content
  • Based around themes of social inclusion
    • specifically to assist English language students globally
    • Targeting specific audiences by presenting native English-speakers at:
      • English as a 2nd language students (ESL – TESOL & other)
    • Using varying sentence structures, complex language like phrasal verbs or collocations
  • audio content project recorded as live script readings plus cast/writer Q & A interviews. It is designed to be the only podcast of its type in Australia and also globally, recorded:
    • 2016 | 5 scripts Bizhub (co-working space) | Eastland, Ringwood
    • 2017 | 4 scripts ACMIx (co-working space) | Southbank
  • Status | Post-production pending further funding

The podcast sector is experiencing rapid, exponential growth:

February 18, 2019 — Pocket Casts, a beloved podcasting app that hails from Adelaide, was bought out by US public radio group NPR and its affiliated public radio stations in New York (WNYC) and Chicago (WBEZ), who are behind some of the audio format’s biggest hits, including true crime series Serial, and the serendipitous This American Life.

Business model/concept for A Fistful of Scripts  (FFSv2) is  designed to tap into this growth and market potential. Using existing market-tested creative content, creative industries contacts and rapidly diminishing tech costs, I launched into strategic research, planning and content production in mid-2016.

Project goals and purpose | self-funded

Create library of audio content that can be packaged and marketed as

  • Podcasts
  • iTunes products
  • radio plays
  • audio books 

Project | themes

  • social inclusion 

Project audience:

  • iTunes
  • Radio for the print handicapped
  • Radio in general
  • Podcast audiences
  • English as a 2nd language students (ESL – TESOL & other)
  • Arts sector and consumers of arts entertainment


  • males, females – 10 to 75, children, multicultural arts victoria, non-profit sector – immigrants and refugees, online platforms, domestic and international video license, in-flight entertainment, planners and providers of in-flight entertainment programs, mental health industry, mental health professionals, government (state and federal), non-profit sector – aged care sector, addiction recovery agencies


Adventure, Action, Children, Comedy, Drama, Young Adult Fiction, Family, Social Issues, Docufiction / mockumentary, Drama, Psycho-Drama, Short form, Comedy, Crime, Drama, Fantasy, Mystery, Thriller, Young Adult Fiction

DISTRIBUTION | of content

Audio Contentpodcasts | iTunes, googlePlay, social media presence, customised content


Various podcasts have attracted me as a listener:

Comment | Other Issues 


The audio space is already driving rapid changes to the way people interact with technology. Smart speakers and voice software are already impacting, changing and embedded within consumers lifestyles. The discussion around digital footprints showed how through digital assistants Alphabet‘s Google Home, Apple’s HomePod and Apple’s Siri, millions of users engage voice software via smartphone to play games, find music or trawl for. In fact, Amazon’s Alexa software constantly harvests snatches of audio. It records and beams commands to Amazon servers[1].

voice communications

  • Capture of
  • By toys
  • By tv


In response to client brief,  Wise Words Media’s Sean McIntyre summarises a discussion of content around COPYRIGHT | INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY | SECURITY.

  • Digital response
    • Reflecting the clients preference for shorthand digital communications, Wise Words Media employs two of the digital areas for digital knowledge explored within the content of this site – video and audio
  • Demonstrating
    • Fluid, interchangeable nature of digital environment
    • How do we really know and/or protect the copyright, IP and security of our digital selves and assets?

Wise Words Media’s Sean McIntyre summarises content discussion



[1] Day, M., Turner, G., and N., 10.38am 2019, ‘’Alexa, is someone else listening to us?’ Sometimes, someone is’, The Age, , available at:, Accessed 11 Apr  2019