Digital + infrastructure | Why Callumny Films and Wise Words Media are CoVid-19 content friendly

CoVid-19 Is The Anti-Social Disease | Why is Wise Words Media well placed and CoVid-19 content friendly?

In case you missed it, to haul the nation’s economy out of its first recession in 30 years, Australia’s Federal government is placing bets on the digital economy, digital infrastructure and nation-building infrastructure projects (public transport infrastructure and Sydney’s 2nd international airport).

CoVid-19 Is The Anti-Social Disease.

CoVid-19 Is The Anti-Social Disease | Why is Wise Words Media well placed and CoVid-19 content friendly?Why is Wise Words Media CoVid-19 content friendly?

As we predicted in April 2020, ‘the confusing and mind-bending CoVid-19 crisis offers an opportunity that must be met and exceeded with typical Australian traits of ingenuity, dexterity and resourcefulness.’

‘…Add to that list sole traders, business start-ups, old fashioned hustle and gritty entrepreneurialism’ (1)

Wise Words Media is a creative industries production house, also serving as an umbrella brand for niche brands and content in film production (Callumny Films), audio (A Fistful of Scripts and live events (A Fistful of Scripts, Lounge Theatre).

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EdTech/Edutech sector – did you know top U.S. edtech unicorns are worth $12.6 billion? (2) #digital economy, #digital infrastructure

With a significant library of digital assets, savvy and resources, Wise Words Media is also a content creator of digital and audio content:

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Our raw content library currently warehouses around 50 plus hours of unpublished digital content – both video and audio – targeted at various specific online content traffic sources and niche audiences.

Expect to see more digital content rolling out of this innovative creative industries production house. Wise Words Media has a project pipeline of some 500+ raw video content items and around 30+ raw audio content items planned for podcast audiences.

We’re also fielding queries around projects in audiobook content production.


Once Melbourne emerges from it’s CoVid-19 driven Stage 4 hard lockdown (enforced since late July 2020), Wise Words Media will be making up ground to execute a significant production schedule of filming around Melbourne.

For content makers and content creative’s, there’s never been a better time to approach audience’s around the globe.

Audiences are literally captive. House-bound. Hungering for fresh, unique and high-quality content backed by market-tested cred, presented by trusted, well-known brands that have commercial traction, longevity and deep industry-credibility.

Wise Words Media’s family of brands are not just story-telling vehicles – they are stories waiting to be told. Multiple times to multiple audiences. Across integrated, multiple platforms. Over and over and over again.

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Partner with Wise Words Media, collaborate with us, or send a query about using the digital content we produce (or plan to produce). Contact us via LinkedIn or via info at wisewords-dot-com-dot-au.


CoVid-19 Is The Anti-Social Disease | industry, the lockdown & consumer online subscription entertainment strategiesPublished on LinkedIn April 18, 2020 | Sean McIntyre | Content Producer | Content Creator | Consulting Services – B2B Broker, B2C Intermediary

‘Top U.S. edtech unicorns worth $12.6 billion; Aussie panel at ASU-GSV Summit; Record number of Aussie unis in Times Higher Education Rankings’Published on LinkedIn September 16, 2020 | Sarah Nguyen, Business Development Director at Australian Trade and Investment Commission (Austrade) 

Budget 2020: Scott Morrison’s $7bn digital fast-track push | › nation › politics, Tues 29 Sept 2020 | Our digital infrastructure package is estimated to increase Australia’s GDP by $6.4bn a year by 2024 and around $1.5bn of this additional …

Business to get $800m in government’s digital push | › Politics › Federal | Tues 29 Sept 2020 | The Morrison government will pour $800 million into measures it says are designed to help businesses take advantage of digital technologies … 

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Specialising in content, film and theatre, Wise Words Media is currently a creative industries production house. We also offer specialist services in content production (audio and video).

our brands | Callumny Films, A Fistful of Scripts, A Fistful of Scripts, A Fistful of Flicks, A Fistful of Scripts MEETS the filmmakers, featuring… (in development) and Jimmy Flinders Productions – Lounge Theatre

Wise Words Media brings to life the vision of creatives such as writers, directors as well as clients. We do this exclusively through our umbrella brands and production vehicles.

We’ve been doing it since 2003.


storytelling – with a commercial outlook

Our stories are: authentic, engaging, unique, relatable, sustainable.

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Callumny Films‘ express explicit goal and established, competitive advantage is to pursue stories on a global scale, both in the telling and in production. Key drivers of this outlook are story, story, story, character and the human experience.

Produces and distributes short and feature films to Australian and global audiences. Our style/outlook borrows Clint Eastwood’s ‘El Paso’ productions, Lars Von Trier’s ‘Dogma’ collective, Blue-Tongue Films (Joel Edgerton and Nash Edgerton), Peter Jackson & David Lynch.


Wise Words Media officially launched A FISTFUL OF SCRIPTS with the release of the first audio trailer for KIDS (or games before hometime) on Tuesday August 29, 2017. The audio was recorded on Monday 26th September, 2016.

“For this special, limited release of audio trailers for A FISTFUL OF SCRIPTS, we’re letting loose the KIDS again”, says Sean McIntyre. As the first audio / visual trailer to be released, KIDS (or games before hometime) also marked official announcements around the evolution of Wise Words Media:

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