Vice Media to lay off hundreds of workers and stop publishing on its site

Breaking News – Content Platforms | Vice Media to lay off hundreds of workers and stop publishing on its site

Wise Words Media smells changes in the wind… where those changes are possibly ripening with opportunity. Or are said changes just further recalibrations? Is anyone else in the #ott #ottplatforms space seeing what we’re seeing?

On a personal level, layoff’s and redundancies are more than nasty experiences for those suddenly jobless. Especially for colleagues and industry peers in white, collar professional services and sectors. We’ve been through it ourselves. And colloquially… It sucks.

Commentary opined todays article in The Guardian:

‘…In recent weeks, the media industry has gone through sweeping layoffs, with major cuts at several outlets….’

Like many others, Wise Words Media has been tracking layoffs in other content categories, sectors and industries. Such as Football Australia’s recent culling of 50% of its content workforce. The business rationale communicated very poorly and late in terms of timing: “We’re in the football business, not the media business”.

So what? How does all this this circle back to #fastchannels and the #ott #ottplatforms space et al?

Content may be king (and now an industry cliche…?). But could it be and is it more accurate to say that the true kings are more so knights of an entreprenuerial kind?

Wise Words Media is seeking to connect with strategic, commercial and entreprenuerial spirits who see similar opportunities amidst the content dust while (and / or before) it begins to settle.

Read more about Wise Words Media’s strategic and commercial outlook in an upcoming LinkedIn article early next week. This on the back of powerful R & D project brief’s completed in recent months partnering with non-profit outfit Practera.

Thoughts, comments and feedback on this topic welcome – good, bad or otherwise.

Wise Words Media and Callumny Films continue to operate on the basis of story-telling with a world-wide, commercial outlook with global audiences, partners and stakeholders driving each strategy and task.

Everything starts with a conversation. Please get in touch:


Vice Media to lay off hundreds of workers and stop publishing on its site 

Memo sent by Bruce Dixon, the Vice Media chief, talks of transition to ‘studio model’ as employees term move ‘very upsetting’

Vice plans to lay off hundreds of employees next week and stop publishing on, according to a memo sent to staffers by Bruce Dixon, the Vice Media chief.

On Friday, Dixon confirmed that “several hundred” staffers would be laid off and that the brand “will no longer publish content on”. He said the company is transitioning to a “studio model”.


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