Sean McIntyre’s CV | ADDENDUM #3 – Soft Skills/Capabilities

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  • Executing creative briefs / ideas into project deliverables while meeting agreed budgets/deadlines
  • Achieving effective outcomes within environments heavily characterised by change, uncertainty, conflicting priorities and sensitivities
  • Stakeholder relationship management, content development, implementation of content strategies
  • Strong project management expertise, organisational skills. Resourceful, entrepreneurial outlook
  • Generation of demonstrated industry awareness and increased, strengthened relationships for future commercial collaborations
  • Innovative producing, production and editing skills for audio content & corporate video content. Employs storytelling tactics and strategies for digital space – creative concept, script development, production management, recruitment, management of brief, stakeholder liaison, client relationship
  • Proven experience in micro content, social media, video/audio content, corporate video content production employing targeted strategies for digital space
  • Writing/editing marketing collateral: website, newsletters, emails, content, media releases
  • Producing and managing cost-effective projects/events in partnership with commercial stakeholders and /or internationally renowned independent creative artists
  • Media and PR, strategy and tactics, brand development. Achieving demonstrated media exposure, publication of communications materials, authoring / distributing 44 + media releases.
  • Developing strong relationships with media, stakeholders. clients and information providers
  • Managing media announcements and acting as liaison
  • Achieving domestic, overseas and online media campaign coverage to over 2 million readers


Storytellers with a commercial outlook.

Deliberate strategies geared towards international co-productions – producing compelling stories, script development, raising finance and preparing entertaining features with strong commercial viability for global audiences:

  • Executing business development strategies, relationship building with key industry stakeholders
  • Attending conferences and sales meetings: American Film Market (2017, L.A., USA) / Screen Forever (2016, 2017) representing scripts of various genres for international co-productions
  • Stakeholder relationship management
  • Strong project management expertise, organisational skills, execution of mar comms activities
  • Creating, designing showreel, media kit pitch deck, brand position strategies, digital marketing
  • Sourcing/briefing/recruiting key staff for consideration of services, quotes and ‘proof of concept’
  • Creating, executing dedicated content plans – all marketing channels (traditional, digital, social)
  • Achieving Global festival screenings: France, USA, Spain, UK, Sweden & Australia

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