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CALLUMNY FILMS ‘where YOU were’​ – publicity images & media pitch deck


Marche du Cannes 2020

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Ahead of its participation at Marche du Cannes 2020, France, CALLUMNY FILMS is pleased to make available updated information, publicity images and materials to the Cinando profile for ‘where YOU were’ – publicity images & media pitch deck.

‘where YOU were’ is also notable for one of the only two live performances in this unique event by ex-pat Australian actor Andrew Bongiorno as ‘THOMAS’. ‘INGRID’ was portrayed by Katharine Innes.

Wise Words Media’s A FISTFUL OF SCRIPTS Celebrates 10th Anniversary of ‘The Turl Times’​ (Exeter College, Oxford University)


During July to August 2010, writing creatives from around the world flocked to Oxford University, UK. Flourishing under the guidance of inclusive and supportive creative industries professionals and mentors at Oxford University’s prestigious Exeter College – ‘The Turl Times was launched by founding editor and publisher: Mr Jackie Lee King.

I  p u s h e d  up o n  m y  g a t e  a n d  f o u n d  i t  g o n e  ‐  D a v i d  J e f f r e y

With the re-launch and limited release of audio trailers for A FISTFUL OF SCRIPTS v2.audioWise Words Media‘s A FISTFUL OF SCRIPTS celebrates 10 years of The Turl Times and the international team of creatives behind it.


The KIDS Officially Launch A FISTFUL OF SCRIPTS for Wise Words Media


Wise Words Media announces launch of A FISTFUL OF SCRIPTS with the release of the first audio trailer for KIDS (or games before hometime).

Writer/producer/actor/director Sean McIntyre announces that his strong, successful brand – ‘A FISTFUL OF SCRIPTS‘ – has now officially evolved into a production and distribution vehicle of audio content.

The extensive audio project is based around themes of social inclusion. All original cast returned for this exciting initiative.

PLAY | KIDS (or games before hometime) audio trailer

MEDIA RELEASE | Wise Words Media rebrands into creative production house


Wise Words Media announces today that it is rebranding into a creative arts production house specialising in film and theatre.

Wise Words Media brings to life the vision of creatives such as writers, directors as well as clients.

We do this exclusively through our umbrella brands and production vehicles: Callumny Films, A Fistful of Scripts, Lounge Theatre (50% owner of Jimmy Flinders Productions).

Scripts are available for your review. Overall, 13 titles in the slate are listed as ‘Projects in Development’ on IMDBpROWise Words Media and Callumny Films each have LinkedIn profiles detailing these projects also.

To development producers and producers engaged by our stories, we now welcome expressions of interest. Where applicable, pitch documents for each script will also detail intended audience markets and suggested funding sources with consideration given to suggested ongoing, sustainable income streams.  

Should you have any queries about the information Wise Words Media, it’s umbrella brands and any of our past, present or future projects please do not hesitate to contact Sean McIntyre at any time on +61 413 397 441 or

For more details contact:

Sean McIntyre 

Wise Words Media 

ABN 60 363 406 503 

e : sean.mcintyre AT 

m : 0011 61 0413 397 441 

w :


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