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‘The Window Outside’ Makes Hard Choices On Euthanasia and Aging


‘The Window Outside’, a new full length play for the stage by Melbourne playwright Belinda Lopez, will enjoy its exclusive world premiere at one of Melbourne’s most prestigious and well-known venues for emerging independent theatre: La Mama’s Carlton Courthouse.

Exploring issues of euthanasia, sibling rivalry and parental care through humour and insight, this is a love story between an elderly couple that neither age nor illness can damper.

‘The Window Outside’ opens at La Mama’s Carlton Courthouse from 10th – 21st October at 8pm nightly.

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Birnam Wood Theatre Announces Arrival With ‘Time’s Arrow’


New theatre collective Birnam Wood Theatre announces itself to Melbourne’s theatre industry with the global premiere of ‘Time’s Arrow’, a full length play for the stage by Melbourne-based, international playwright Mark Andrew.

The story of an air crash survivor ‘Time’s Arrow’ boards at La Mama’s Carlton Courthouse, 8pm nightly from 1st – 12th November.

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Silent Truths Explode In ‘Bomb The Base’

23 August, 2011 | MELBOURNE, VICTORIA

International Melbourne-based playwright Mark Andrew marks his 2011 Melbourne Fringe Festival debut with ‘Bomb The Base’, a new play for the stage.

On the eve of her uncle’s funeral within 9/11’s lengthening shadow an eloquent, jet-lagged ALICE returns from Washington to her own personal Ground Zero. Complex personal relationships and global political alliances again prove irresistible battlefields Mark Andrew.

‘Bomb The Base’ fearlessly examines themes of trust, power in all its forms and the unspoken, dark places that we are all afraid to go.

Engaging, yet demanding, the global premiere of ‘Bomb The Base’ detonates at Studio 246, Brunswick, Oct 4th to 8th.

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