MEDIA RELEASE | The KIDS Officially Launch A FISTFUL OF SCRIPTS for Wise Words Media

Melbourne, Australia | Tuesday August 29, 2017

Wise Words Media announces launch of A FISTFUL OF SCRIPTS with the release of the first audio trailer for KIDS (or games before hometime).

Writer/producer/actor/director Sean McIntyre announces that his strong, successful brand – ‘A FISTFUL OF SCRIPTS‘ – has now officially evolved into a production and distribution vehicle of audio content.

The extensive audio project is based around themes of social inclusion. All original cast returned for this exciting initiative.

PLAY | KIDS (or games before hometime) audio trailer

PROJECT FIVE | KIDS (or games before hometime)

Written, produced, directed by:  Sean McIntyre  |  audio trailer

cast: Tegan Jones (REBECCA – 8 years old), Elliot Cyngler (JULIEN – 13 years old), Cait Spiker (SUSIE – 8 years old), Stacey Andonopoulos (CLAUDIA – 8 years old), James Ao (AHMED – 8 years old), Reece Manning (ANDREW – 8 years old), Simon Joseph Doyle (DAVY – 8 years old) and Amy Coutts as NARRATOR.”During mid-2016, Wise Words Media embarked upon a three month audio project,” said Sean McIntyre.

“Recordings of audio content for A FISTFUL OF SCRIPTS commenced late August and ran through to mid-October 2016,” said Sean McIntyre.


PLAY KIDS (or games before hometime) | audio trailer

Product delivery will target specific audiences through iTunes and podcasts for:

  • Radio for the print handicapped
  • Radio in general
  • English as a 2nd language students (ESL – TESOL & other)
  • Arts sector and consumers of arts entertainment
  • Online audiences looking for diverse and differentiated audio content

Wise Words Media worked exclusively with the Creative Content Studio at REALM, Ringwood located within the new Bizhub facility on Maroondah Highway.



KT, Dyllan and Niems. red. circle. Three. Moscow. St Petersburg. Berlin. Lake Harris.


cast: Katharine Innes (KT [Katie]) | writer: Sean McIntyre, director: Sean McIntyre | Production date: Wed 24th August 2016


Nobody remembers what it was like to Dream.

No one knows the first thing about Harvesting, let alone Dreaming. Old Man Harvest is the only one left. A fantasy story about Old Man Harvest. Part-Santa, part-Tooth Fairy, Old Man Harvest gathers our dreams to store them for us until we are ready to live them out. Nobody dreams anymore. Old Man Harvest is dying.

cast: John Flaus (Old Man Harvest) | writer: Sean McIntyre, director: Sean McIntyre | Production date: Fri 16th Sept 2016


One Girl. Too many ideas. A lot of therapy.

ADDICT plots Molly’s journey through group therapy and counselling sessions as she battles to conquer her demons and live a fulfilled life – one idea at a time.

A different take on the topic of addiction. Invest your time wisely.

A little idea can be a dangerous thing.

cast: Emma-Louise Wilson (Molly) | writer: Sean McIntyre, director: Sean McIntyre | Production date: Mon 19th Sept 2016


For a murderer and Sire, He’s mumbled her name, Revenge.

PLOT OUTLINE: A state in ruins, war is at large, The King Rasheed is battling his brother Prince Rochdy. Destiny is set…twill be a desolate age for us all. May god have mercy on all ye sinners.

cast: Callan Lewis (King Rasheed), Christopher Barry (Father Woodstock), Adam Turnbull (Prince Rochdy), Conspirator 1/Chorus – Woman (TBA), Messenger/Doctor (Marlene Magee), Stephanie Evison-Williams (Zahra), Katharine Innes (Queen Mariam), Myles Tankle (Conspirator 3/Chorus – Man), Alex McArthur (Conspirator 2/Chorus – Man), John McCulloch (Narrator)

writer: Wafik ‘Fiko’ Doss, director: Sean McIntyre. | Production date: TBA

PROJECT FIVE | KIDS | PLAY: audio trailer

seven children | one middle-class playground | Contribute. Enrich. Integrate. | or else

contemporary Australian culture | multiculturalism or identity refugee or immigrant | sympathy or empathy | you decide

Cast: Stacey Andonopoulos (Claudia), Simon Doyle (Davey), Reece Manning (Andrew), James Ao (Ahmed), Elliot Cyngler (Julien), Tegan Jones (Rebecca), Cait Spiker (Susie) and Amy Coutts as Narrator

writer: Sean McIntyre, director: Sean McIntyre | Production date: Mon 26th Sept 2016


Riley Goddard felt uneasy and she couldn’t account for it.

PLOT OUTLINE: Riley Goddard must track down a killer. Scores of unseen eyes tracked her from page to page constantly watching her every move. Something big was around the corner. Riley could feel it in her font face. All 12 point Courier of it.

The story of Riley (a femme fatale), Lilac (an exuberant Theme), Mopes (a burnt out, lovable old protagonist) and the mysteriously dressed Minor Support Character.

Getting Killed On The Big Screen. Yeah, That’s The Big Easy. Wanna know ‘How To Kill Your Favourite Character’? That could be hard – unless you know the right people. Maybe you should skip the book and just watch the movie.

Starring in a famous chick-lit series as a femme fatale, Riley Goddard must track down a killer.

With the help of her best friend Lilac, Mopes (a burnt out, lovable old protagonist) and the mysteriously dressed Minor Support Character can she bust open the case before she runs out of words?

Cast: Amy Coutts (Riley Goddard) | writer: Sean McIntyre, director: Sean McIntyre | Production date: Wed 28th Sept 2016


creative industries production house



Commercial in their outlook, our stories are: authentic, engaging, unique, relatable, sustainable.

We have extensive experience as as producers and collaborators at national and international level, bringing to life/supporting vision of writers, directors, producers, clients.

Produces and distributes short and feature films to Australian and global audiences.


We write ‘em. They read ‘em. You hear ‘em.

Writers rode into town with A Fistful of Scripts and went lookin’ for actors and directors. When they got together all hell broke loose. Now they’ve formed a posse. When they find The Audience – Anything could happen.

Starring Writers that write ‘em, Actors that read ‘em and Directors that direct ‘em. Special guest appearance by The Audience that hears ‘em.

The driving philosophy and rationale behind ‘A Fistful of Scripts’ is to take the work out to the audience.  Production objective for A Fistful of Scripts [season 7]: an Australian/Norweigian international, co-production ‘A WAY TO LIVE’ is a black comedy drama/action feature film,

Held since Aug 2010 at Theatre Works in St Kilda, ‘A Fistful of Scripts’ is a script reading event for both screen and stage designed to bring life to the written word. A 100% non-profit production, ‘A Fistful of Scripts’ acknowledges the kind assistance of Theatre Works, St Kilda.

Entry via GOLD COINS DONATION. A Wise Words Media Production.


  • Photo by Sophie de Wit – © Wise Words Media and Callumny FIlms
  • Photo by Tuan Nguyen, Twentyone Photos – © Wise Words Media and Callumny FIlms
  • Photo by Stephanie Brook, Twentyone Photos – © Wise Words Media and Callumny FIlms



‘KIDS’ | sold out performance | @ Lawler Theatre, Melbourne Theatre Company (MTC)

seven children. one middle-class playground | contribute. enrich. integrate | or else.

Told through the eyes of seven children drawn from diverse local and ethnic multicultural backgrounds, ‘KIDS’ delves into pressing issues facing Australian society.

The curtain rises | check out the stellar performance from the cast of KIDS at MTC’s Lawler Studio

SOLD OUT | Southbank Theatre, The Lawler Melbourne Theatre Company #mtcNEON

KIDS (or games before hometime) | PLAY | audio trailer

Interview: Sean McIntyre (Kids at MTC NEON) – SYN Media

MTC CONNECT: NEON Readings – Multicultural Arts Victoria

Melbourne Theatre Company | 2015 NEON Festival – KIDS (official selection)

Jimmy Flinders Productions | KIDS @ MTC | performance

MTC Connect | in partnership with Multicultural Arts Victoria

CAST: Diana Nguyen (REBECCA – 8 years old), Elliot Cyngler (JULIEN – 13 years old), Cait Spiker (SUSIE – 8 years old), Stacey Andonopoulos (CLAUDIA – 8 years old), Amy Coutts (NARRATOR), James Ao (AHMED – 8 years old), Reece Manning (ANDREW – 8 years old), Simon Joseph Doyle (DAVY – 8 years old)

CREW: Marco Romero (Director/Producer), Sean McIntyre (Writer/Producer)

‘KIDS’ by Sean McIntyre Directed by Marco Romero | Presented by Jimmy Flinders Productions

NEON Readings | NEON Festival of Independent Theatre | MTC Connect 7pm, Monday 13 July 2015

Images cannot be produced without permission

Photography by Tuan Nguyen | |

© Wise Words Media, Callumny Films, A Fistful of Scripts and Jimmy Flinders Productions