Feyenoord Rotterdam N.V. & Endeavor Streaming Launch #OTT Partnership ‘Feyenoord ONE’

Launching Feyenoord ONE., Professional Dutch football club Feyenoord Rotterdam N.V. has stepped into the #OTT content distribution space.  Powered by Endeavor Streaming, the fan-focused D2C platform offers exclusive content and a premium matchday experience with extended highlights, player interviews, full match replays and more.

deepens Feyenoord Rotterdam N.V.’s relationship with a loyal fanbase seeking more personalized content and interaction

Feyenoord ONE. platform is a significant opportunity for Feyenoord Rotterdam N.V. to deepen its relationship with its loyal fans who are seeking more personalized content and interaction,” said Peter Bellamy Bellamy, Chief Commercial Officer at Endeavor Streaming.

The 2022-23 Eredivisie champions become the first professional club in the Dutch league to launch a dedicated streaming service to elevate the fan experience and expand its content distribution.

For those willing to seize them with compelling content & strategic marketing there’s new, sustainable opportunities emerging in the #OTT sector.

Partnering with PracteraWise Words Media is currently leading an enthusiastic project team into a very evidence-based research project and ‘Feyenoord ONE’-esque #OTT product showcasing Football Australia’s recently announced National Second Tier.

With its ‘soft launch’ of ‘this footbal life’, Wise Words Media is also now looking to build further traction within the sports media space. Wise Words Media is seeing a lot of industry news around sports media industry.  Wise Words Media is seeking #OTT platform partners and currently brainstorming / working on:

Enquiries from potential commercial partners welcome, as well as journalists and content professionals.

Wise Words Media is seeing a lot of industry news around sports media industry and word within the industry is there’s real potential for #OTT growth outside the USA.

According to a media release 10 Jan 2024 from Endeavor Streaming:

The platform offers Feyenoord-supporters exclusive content, like Feyenoord Original documentaries and series, and provides an unparalleled fan experience through premium matchday content such as extended highlights, player interviews and full match replays, as well as live Academy Matches and live press conferences.

Leveraging Endeavor Streaming’s enhanced data capture and analytics tooling, Feyenoord will also take advantage of deeper consumer insight metrics to maximise audience growth and build a marketplace strategy. The platform launches on January 10th for the second half of 2023-24 Eredivisie season. 

“Feyenoord ONE is a valuable addition to our existing club channels such as the website, the app, the magazine, and social media channels. Feyenoord ONE provides our supporters with high-quality content in a singular place, allowing them to decide what to watch, when to watch it and ensuring them they will never miss a thing,” says Feyenoord’s CCO Ruud van der Knaap.

“Moreover, the production and distribution of video content through Feyenoord ONE enables us to further improve the quality of our documentaries, specials and video series. We are incredibly proud to be the first club in the Netherlands to offer our supporters their own streaming service, taking our content production and distribution to the next level.”

Pete Bellamy, Chief Commercial Officer at Endeavor Streaming said. “This platform is a significant opportunity for Feyenoord Rotterdam to deepen its relationship with its loyal fans who are seeking more personalized content and interaction with their favorite team and players beyond the traditional matchday experience. Endeavor Streaming continues to be at the forefront on supporting football clubs on their digital expansion.”

The partnership leverages Endeavor Streaming’s experience in delivering innovative direct-to-consumer streaming offerings for some of the world’s biggest football clubs and leagues, including Tottenham Hotspur’s SpursPlay, Union of European Football Associations’s (UEFA) UEFA.tv, the National Women’s Soccer League (NWSL) and the English Football League’s (EFL) iFollow platform.


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