Wise Words Media: Achieving ‘Cut Thru’ in the Gen Z Video Content Space

Gen Z – BREAKING NEWS | Wise Words Media is achieving significant ‘cut thru’ in the Gen Z video content space. Which is why we’re attracting interest from global distributors and stakeholders in the OTT sector.

Average View Duration for our global Gen Z audience is already a staggering 1 min 10 secs. Quite the accomplishment. According to our sources, 8 seconds is the average Gen Z content attention span[1].

How do we do it? Launched in Feb 2022, Wise Words Media’s Gen Z audience engagment with our international student education video content is accelerating. The content is timely, topical and uniquely targeted[2].

FAST FACTS – video content | Did you know the #OTTsector offers direct access to 1.4 Billion Smart TVs across the globe? …and that’s not includingl iPads & iPhones[3].

Interested to learn more about how Wise Words Media can support / augment your digital video content and digital marketing strategies? Video content strategies can also be geo-targeted.

Drive, innovate and improve ROI on your digital marketing video content costs.  Wise Words Media looks forward to sharing a conversation with you around it’s content expertise and strategic insights around video content and OTT distribution strategies.

Imagine your brand and/or content on just 1% of those 1.4 Billion Smart TVs across Australia, the ANZPAC region or even world-wide… Learn more about VOD | SVOD | AOD | OTT here.

Collaborative partnerships. Storytelling with a commercial outlook.

Drop us a line at info@wisewords.com.au – everything starts with a conversation.

[1] SOURCE: VisionCritical & EduTech start-up Vudoo.com  Agree? Disagree? Why? Why not?
[2] Melbourne International Student Week | targeted video content – strategic, unique, timely, topical

[3] SOURCE: BINGEtv Networks, Florida (USA)

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