Online Event by A Fistful Of Scripts Callumny Films  Wise Words Media Wed Mar 1 2023 8:00 PM – 9:00 PM  Add to calendar Online Event link #webseries | production update ‘PROJECT: Waterman’ [season 1] 17 episodes | #webseries get the inside view from the industry outsider Now more than ever, Australia’s […]

Filmaker Insights | LIVECOMING SOON – Behind The Scenes JOIN WATERMAN – ‘straight from the heart’, no-holds-barred, cliche-free RETROSPECTIVE: 2023 Surrey Hills/Mont Albert Level Crossing Removal Project PRODUCTION – State of Current Works 2016 Blackburn Level Crossing Removal Project RETROSPECTIVE – Review of Previous Works [season 2] | now filming […]

THE CONTRACT: PROJECT: WATERMAN | ABOUT get the inside view from the industry outsider Australia’s future – now more than ever – needs public transport infrastructure MEDIA RELEASE – LinkedIn | The Contract: PROJECT Waterman [season 1] –Landmark Australian Achievement Released For International Audiences Melbourne, Australia – Monday 7th June […]

Mere days after it’s international release, ‘The Contract: PROJECT: Waterman [season 1]‘ is an official selection at The Lift-Off Sessions Pinewood Studios, UK (2021).     With global screening events also in Tokyo and New York, The Lift-Off Sessions is a global industry initiative dedicated to bringing new audiences to […]

Melbourne, Australia – Monday 7th June 2021 The Contract: PROJECT: Waterman [season 1] A landmark Australian achievement is released for international audiences around the globe by Wise Words Media and Callumny Films. get the inside view from the industry outsider When the safety of local kids in WATERMAN’s community is put at risk […]