CALLUMNY FILMS Marche du Cannes, 2020 (online)

CALLUMNY FILMS Marche du Cannes, 2020 (online) | Cannes you believe it – 12 days away from Marche du Cannes, 2020. We’re taking off metaphorically.

How does the ‘little guy’ punch it’s own weight among the industry heavyweights? We’ve done AFM, but this time we’re adjusting our strategy.

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How? Insights into our approach pending.

Marche du Cannes, 2020 | profile


MEDIA RELEASE | CALLUMNY FILMS ‘where YOU were’​ – publicity images & media pitch deck


IN DEVELOPMENT NEWS | Hasta La Bewdy, Baby – CALLUMNY FILMS at American Film Market


CALLUMNY FILMS | Something funny happened at AFM – what’s our L.A. story?


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